#tbt // Henry Botanic Garden

The Henry Botanic Garden is a small, wild garden dedicated to the preservation and cultivation of rare, native plants of Pennsylvania. Only open by appointment, the garden is still undergoing a transformation in anticipation of a broader interaction with the community. A simple website was needed to start, but was built on a framework with the capability to grow as visitation to the garden increases. Henry Botanic Garden is now equipped with the ability to take online reservations, donations, and promote seasonal events. 

The Henry Botanic Garden has not had a formal logo since its inception in 1949 (formerly the Henry Foundation for Botanical Research). Since the Garden is still in a state of transition, it was decided that a simple and straightforward logo would be implemented along with the website. Inspiration was taken from the iconic rocky outcropping (pictured below) on the property which once graced the masthead of the Foundation's formal stationary. 

Visit henrybotanicgarden.org